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Solid Wooden Floors

Solid Wooden Floors in Swindon

Types of solid wood flooring

LOGO Flooring provides a large variety of wood flooring in a number of finishes. Hardwood floors are available in oak and ash in three categories: Select, Natural and Rustic.

Technology of solid wood flooring

All our flooring comes in lengths of between 1 and 3 metres and is assembled using tongue-and-groove techniques. In order to manage differences in temperature and humidity, we use an innovative type of perforation in combination with bevelled edges. By doing this we maximise the durability and aesthetics of our floors.

The advantages of solid wooden floors

  • Our hardwood floors last up to 75 years with a proper maintenance and care.
  • Solid wooden floors can be sanded and refurbished many times. This makes them a great long-term investment.
  • The appearance of hardwood floors is easily changed with a variety of floor finishes such as oil, hard oil wax, lacquer in varied colours.
  • Solid wooden flooring is hygienic and is easy to clean.
  • Beneficial for people with allergies and asthma. It doesn’t harbour allergens, toxic substances or bacteria and moulds.
  • Wooden floors never go out of fashion and complement any décor style.
  • Every £1000 spent on a wooden floor represents more than £3000 added to the value of your property. NB: based on Estate Agent’s survey.
  • Class Select

    Typically the wood in the select category has few, if any, knots. What knots there are in this wood are of minimal size. Sapwood is not acceptable. Additionally wood in this category has a relatively small amount of colour variation in the timber.

    Class Natural

    Grade/Timber with acceptable knots up to 20mm. A small colour variation should be expected in the wood as well as some cracks across.

    Class Rustic

    Known as rustic grade the knots in this wood are without size restriction. Colour variation, sapwood and small cracks acceptable. In addition, we provide oak floors with an antique look.