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Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors in Swindon

Engineering Wood Floors

Thanks to the technology that has allowed for the development of engineered wood flooring you can now enjoy the luxury and comfort of wood in demanding domestic environments. Because engineered wood floors are less likely to be influenced by environmental conditions in the same way as other types of flooring they are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms and other areas likely to have high moisture content. Additionally, they are suitable to use over under-floor heating.

Types of engineered wooden flooring

LOGO Flooring provides engineered flooring in a number of different sizes and finishes, in two types of wood: traditional oak or walnut. About our Engineered Wood Flooring Technology Our engineered flooring is offered in lengths of between 1 to 2 metres and is assembled using tongue-and-groove techniques. Engineered wooden flooring is built of multiple wooden layers consisting of real timber that has been carefully pressed together. The layers are installed in different directions in order to create a stable base. Each plank is finished with a layer of solid wood on the top and has micro bevelled edges.

The advantages of engineered wooden floors

  • Impossible to distinguish it from solid wooden floors.
  • They don’t expand and shrink to the same extent as solid wood.
  • They can be sanded and refurbished up to 3 times.
  • The appearance can be changed by the application of different floor finishes such as oil, hard oil wax or coloured lacquer.
  • Engineered wood is suitable for use in such areas as basements or conservatories where moisture content or heat is likely to be higher.
  • Can be installed over under floor heating.